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Care and Use of Staub Cookware


Before using your La Cocotte Staub recommends that you wash it with warm water and dishwashing liquid then dry.
Your Staub La Cocotte is now ready for cooking!


•Regardless of the heat source used (electric, gas, induction), enameled cast iron cookware must be heated progressively to avoid thermal shock and possible damage.
•Select an element which is smaller or equal to the dimension of the bottom of your Staub product; allowing flames from gas cook-tops to touch the sides of the pot may cause discoloration or damage to the enamel.
•Staub recommends the use of wood or plastic utensils.
•Do not over-heat an empty pot; all cooking should be monitored.
•To avoid any risk of burns, always use a potholder or over glove.
•Do not place a hot vessel on an unprotected surface.

After use, Maintenance

After the pot has cooled from cooking, wash in warm water with dish-soap and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Let pots sit in the open air before storing. Do not use bleach or abrasive chemicals - if residue remains after cleaning, soak in warm water to loosen. Dishwasher use is possible however the harsh detergents and insecure enviroment may cause damage and affect the "anti-adhesive" properties. Do not stack or store enameled objects without protecting the exterior surface. The knobs and handles may loosen with use. Check the tightness from time to time and gently re-tighten them if necessary.

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