Shun Sora
Shun Sora's proprietary Composite Blade Technology brings together a VG10 3-layer san mai cutting edge with a mirror-polished Japanese 420J stainless steel upper. This technology puts highperformance material exactly where it's needed — on the edge.

• STAINLESS STEEL SHUN LOGO-Enhances and balances the handle
• TRADITIONAL HANDLE DESIGN-Textured TPE provides excellent grip, balance, and easy maintenance
• SAN MAI CONSTRUCTION-A traditional high-end Japanese knifemaking technique; VG10 is clad with a single layer of stainless steel on each side
• POLISHED 420J STAINLESS STEEL-This quality Japanese steel is known for its excellent stain resistance; polishing enhances that quality even more
• BEAD BLASTING-Shows off the san mai edge and echoes the line of the braze welding
• VG10 "SUPER STEEL"-Ensures a razor-sharp edge 16° double-bevel edge and the top performance for which Shun is well known
• COMPOSITE BLADE-Sora's VG10 san mai and stainless blade are laser cut and fi t together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; braze welding permanently joins the pieces to provide the performance of VG10 exactly where it's needed
• A MODERN "HAMON"-The beautiful wavy design of the welded joint is based on traditional Japanese blade hamon patterns

Shun Sora

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